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You have so much more potential than you were made to believe.
FOWNDERS is the learning platform for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, built for those looking to develop the hard skills and soft skills needed to align their purpose towards a prosperous career and lifestyle.
  • Get cutting edge knowledge that covers personal, business, and influencer development.      
    Join our powerful circle of influence, form connections and be held accountable on your journey.                                                                            
  •  Experience offline events, designed to enable you to grow, adapt, and make an impact.
Meet Our Mentors
The ones you wished you had when started
Fownders partners with legendary mentors across a variety of fields. They share their knowledge, and experience with you in their lessons, masterclasses and workshops. Our mentors have created 30+ video lessons, some you can expect are:
Advance your career, lifestyle and business
Join a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries. Be inspired to think bigger, contribute back and receive support while you express your purpose.
Slack - 500 members
Our Premium Private Slack Channel is the place for you to interact and build real relationships with other entrepreneurs around the world. Within this select group of entrepreneurs you will find mentors, leaders, and business owners from all over the globe.
Facebook Livestreams
Our leadership team and mentors will answer your questions on personal development, business development, and influencer development within the exclusive facebook community via a private Facebook livestream every week.
Downloadable Resources
Download secrets of the trade, we have checklists accompanying every masterclass and are great assets to use to your advantage!
Offline Experiences
What you get is priority access to buy tickets to our best events, experiences and gatherings. Network at our startup grind's, workshops, and masterminds. And most importantly: build real personal connections with amazing people that care about providing you value.
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Fownders Learning
Masterclasses help you achieve one specific result, and look to improve your overall quality of life.
Learn how to break free of your limiting beliefs and get rid of all your fears with the new Mindset Masterclass
Building A For Purpose Business Masterclass
Learn how to establish a mission, vision, recruit an early stage team, and bring your idea to reality in a big way with Adam Braun.
The Fashion Blueprint Masterclass
In this masterclass, learn how you can start your very OWN clothing brand that’ll make it in the industry.
In this Cryptocurrency Masterclass you’ll learn how cryptocurrency works, how you can build a sustainable organization, and launch an ICO.
Social Currency Masterclass
30+ videos on unlocking your potential, developing your personal brand, growing your following on social media, and building real relationships
Shopify Masterclass
Learn how to build, launch and grow your new Shopify store step-by-step in 3 hours or less.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I have a full-time job. How much time is this going to take?
Fownders is designed with you in mind, we suggest you go “at your own pace.” We are not going anywhere, and what you need for your business you can be sure to access all in one place.
Is this for me?
This is for you if you are an entrepreneur, who is looking for a community to support you, mentor you and open new doors for you. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and honestly it can be terrifying if you are in it alone. Fownders is a resource for you to tap into for constant support, education, guidance and a network to further your business and personal growth.
How often are new masterclasses uploaded?
Every month there is new masterclass uploaded to the platform. You have first access to each masterclass as they are exclusively released to members.
Who are other Fownders members?
Our ecosystem attracts young professionals, entrepreneurs and startups from around the world that are looking for the best solutions on the market to help build and scale their business or skill set.
Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes! Anytime you feel like we are not over delivering value, and providing you with what you need, you can cancel your account right from your profile.  
Learning and Connecting Has Never Been Easier Before
Fownders is so much more than an education company. Our social learning platform gives you instant access to micro-learning content that can be watched anywhere, anytime. We believe learning should be fun and that is why we will never stop investing in our technology and your learning experience.
The "MBA" for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs
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